Town of Feldkirch Bypass Tunnel

Tunnel Exhaust Ventilation Tower above Feldkirch

Open Letter

Dear Vice-Govenor Karlheinz Rüdisser,

With great astonishment, we found that an exhaust ventilation duct is planned to be built for the City Tunnel on the Stadtschrofen Feldkirch. 

You can perhaps imagine how surprised we were about such a construction because we have assumed until now that these tunnels do not require exhaust ducts. There has not been a single word about such a construction in any publications, neither in the publications of the town of Feldkirch, nor in the publications of the Landhaus Vorarlberg.

Of course it is very important to us to preserve the natural landscape of the Stadtschrofen as a recreational area for us and our children. Even the tourist board of the town of Feldkirch is advertising this area as such on their website. The Natural landscape of Stadtschrofen Feldkirch and a 10 meter high exhaust ventilation shaft just do not fit together.

We now ask you to do everything possible to stop the construction project of the exhaust ventilation shaft on the Stadtschrofen and to plan future versions without exhaust gas towers or other facilities on the Stadtschrofen. Of course, we are willing to help you finding another practical solution.

For your efforts to our cause, we thank you in advance.


Your friends of the recreational Stadtschrofen

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