Town of Feldkirch Bypass Tunnel

Tunnel Exhaust Ventilation Tower above Feldkirch

Planned Tunnel Exhaust above Feldkirch

Dear friends and visitors of our beloved town of Feldkirch in Austria,

we are a group of young people who live on the rock called Stadtschrofen above our lovely town of Feldkirch. The government has long been planning a bypass tunnel system for the town. But only recently we learned that the government plans to build a 10 metres high exhaust ventilation tower to release the entire unfiltered exhaust gases of the complete tunnel system on this beautiful recreation area.

Should this exhaust ventilation tower directly above our town become part of our future? No, please not!

For illustration purposes we have placed stakes on the spot where the tower is planned. For many visitors of our town this area is one of the prime highlights of a visit, as it offers a phantastic view over the town and the whole valley with the skyline of the Swiss and Austrian mountain ranges. In future, would you like to visit this place, knowing that it is just next to massive exhaust installations?

We want to maintain our town and its crowning rock, the Stadtschrofen, with its great meadows and woods as a recreational area for the future, without chimneys and other exhaust devices. We are extremely concerned about what will happen to the peaceful Stadtschrofen area if the current building plans go ahead.

If you want to help us save this so greatly cherished vicinity of our town, you can help! Place your name on the list of the petition, which is directed to the Lord Vice-Governor Karlheinz Rüdisser. Just write an e-mail including your name, address, country, and age to, we then put your precious name on the list of the petition. Everyone can participate: children, adolescents and adults, the more the better. We shall also inform you about further developments.

In deep gratitude

Your young friends of Feldkirch as a town of nature and natural recreation

For signing the petition:

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